Kurt Podany, Born, September of 1965, began his Martial Arts journey at the tender age of 16 with Steven Welch of the American Karate Association. During his time with the American Karate Association he trained, taught and competed in the Karate circuit in which he won and placed in over 30 thirty Karate Tournaments and was the National Finalist for three years running from 1987-1989. In 1989 he began competing in Full Contact Kickboxing.

That same year Kurt acquired the Nebraska Heavy Weight Karate Champion title and kept this title until 1992 when he chose to no longer compete in Karate. Also in 1989 he had his first Kickboxing match in August then won the title of KICK Amateur Regional Heavy Weight Champion in November of the same year. During the following few years he returned to Omaha and spent most of his time teaching and training in his off hours and being a carpenter during the day. He partnered with another martial artist to create his first Martial Arts Academy for the next twelve years of his career. During these twelve years he specialized in youth programs and Street Defense. He received local awards and recognition for his work as an instructor who cares.

In 1994, Kurt won the Nebraska Heavy Weight Kickboxing title and the following year won the IKBO Inter-Continental Cruiser Weight Champion Title. In 1996 was among the first Americans to compete in Utteradit, Thailand in the Prince’s Cup where he took the Gold Medal in the Heavy Weight Division giving him the title of first American to win the World Amateur Heavyweight in Thai Boxing.

In 1997 Kurt was the first American to fight Muay Thai in the National Boxing Stadium in Dublin, Ireland in April of this year. He competed in the Thaiboxing International Friendly in Manchester, England in November.
As a member of six US Teams, he fought and won against such countries as Canada, Ireland, England and Russia during 1997 & 1998.

He began his Professional career in 1998 during the Ultimate Fighting Challenge in Alatmay, Kazakstan. This competition was at the beginning stages of Cage Fighting which has transformed into what is now a Multi-Million dollar industry. This same year he went on to acquire two more professional titles, IKF US Cruiser Weight Muay Thai Champion and IKF World Light Cruiser Weight Muay Thai Champion.

Throughout his career he has been asked to be a guest instructor at schools, seminars and camps. He has been the Head Coach for the US Youth Kickboxing Team, Coordinator for Referee Seminars for both Kickboxing and Muay Thai along with coordinating the events themselves.

In 2001, Kurt permanently retired from competing due to a hunting accident that nearly took his life. Due to the severity of his injuries he left the Martial Arts behind and went on to build his Contractors business and raise a family. In 2008 he was approached by other martial artists and asked to teach them. This began a series of events that has grown into what is now Premier Combat Center with whom he co-owned. Mr. Podany is rapidly becoming known for his calm, efficient style of teaching and people come from all over Nebraska and Iowa to learn from him. Although he has Black Belts in Bushido and American Karate he is most proud of his time spent in Thailand and his accomplishments on 7 other US teams, the culture of the sport he is most passionate about. As a formidable opponent, he has won the respect of many. As a Humble teacher he has won the hearts of his students and is now part of the Tac Force Training Team.